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Family Story

I discovered the power of the genogram while earning my Master’s of Divinity in Marriage and Family Therapy.  A genogram is a hand-drawn family tree with symbols.  The symbols represent the cast of players from the life of a client.  The symbols convey a story of conflict, closeness, accomplishments, secrets, disappointments, and many more.  Genograms are a potent therapeutic tool because it helps clients visualize their family connects and retell long forgotten legacies.

Family Tree

tree roots

Likewise, countless people have benefited from creating their family tree through programs and websites like  I recently had the experience of requesting my DNA through  Looking back in time and history through this powerful tool was incredibly empowering and grounding.  As an African-American, the records and archives can only help me but so much.  Since DNA sequencing has become available to the public, the sense of groundedness among African-Americans has exploded with possibilities and curiosity.  Having a sense of history has provided me a richer sense of self.  Not that I lacked having a sense of who I was before.  It was reassuring and validating.

Family DNA

A family tree is like a genogram except you don’t need a therapist to construct it. I believe the results can be just as powerful and profound.  What kind of story does your DNA tell? If you ready to start your journey of self-discovery, click here for your discount link.  Otherwise, make an appointment with us and we’ll guide you and walk with you through the painful parts of your journey.

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Be an entrepreneur

Married to an Entrepreneur

When you’re married to an entrepreneur, hold on for the ride.  Your relationship can be chaotic and mayhem.  Be prepared for the flight of ideas and financial ups and downs.  Your life together will be an adventure.  You must prepare for the inconsistency, distance, mayhem, and chaos.  Otherwise, you need not apply.

Remember Your Spouse

As for the entrepreneur, you need to be sensitive to the needs of your partner.  You need to take time away from the office and not get stuck in the phenomenon of just one more thing.  Don’t get distracted by the many squirrels that you can chase or the shiny object syndrome.  Work-life balance is difficult when you’re in business for yourself.  Trust your partner to bring stability to the relationship and your life.  Together you will have a synergistic effect building your empire.

Your life together can be incredibly vibrant, exciting, and dynamic. However, it can also be lonely and depressing.  If you need help finding balance and reprioritizing life, we can help.  The Fredericksburg Relationship Center can help you rediscover the support, value, and joys of your relationship.  Take our Brief Relationship Risk Assessment survey to see where your relationship stands.

Consider taking the course Couple$ and Finance$


Books to Check Out

man teaching boys to be men

I wish you were a better man.

I hope your love never sings this as your theme song.  Sometimes we men miss the mark of being a good man.  We can use help growing and recovering.  Our issues show up as depression, addictive behaviors, emotional outbursts, and avoidance.  Bing a good man takes discipline and maintenance.

Fortunately, we don’t have to face our issues alone.  It takes other men to validate our manhood.  Consider joining a Men’s Mastermind Group.  Just as iron sharpens iron, a mastermind group can help you gain perspective on how your behaviors affect others and how you use impression management.

Start loving life and stop disappointing the one you love the most.  Check out Man-Talk, Fredericksburg’s local Men’s Mastermind Group.

If a mastermind group is too intimadating, consider watching a recording of my presentation to a Men’s conference “Iron Sharpens Iron.”